Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Prank your friends right in front of their face!

"Some of y'all might know this, and some of y'all don't (.. Make some noise / Now, now, now, let me clear my throat".......Yeah anyway- I'm not sure how old this is...but it's pretty fun.  Next time you want to prank a really good friend, visit

The instructions are EASY.  I just pranked Kim by inserting her house line phone number into what was supposed to be my number. Can you even imagine how creepy that would be late at night in the dark in a room by yourself?  Guess it worked because..... this was her wall post to me on facebook just now.

Kimberly Brady Iffff that was you who just pranked me you just caused me to run out of the house in a frenzy and set off the alarm

 Sorry Kim, you just got abbyed.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The MUST-PLAY GAME this season.

Get a group of friends, a glass of wine and your best Italian accent to play the game MAFIA.  Here are the instructions and rules: How to play MAFIA,

This game gets crazy and you begin to realize who's true and who's false.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday Eye Candy

So every Wednesday my partner Kim...(business not pleasure) is SUPPOSED to pick "hottie of the week" but I don't see any hotties for today...So I guess the choice is all mine and I choose...Jesse Eisenberg! He's definitely someone you've seen before (Adventureland, The Squid and the Whale) but you will be seeing/hearing a lot more of him due to the current buzz of "THE SOCIAL NETWORK"


We at KB.LuSH can absolutely not wait to see this movie!

Here is another movie that incorporates facebook that we are also DYING to see. We saw this trailer the other night when we went to see Easy A (incredible, get on it) and at first I (Kim) was like, "wow, this is the most obnoxious annoying shit I've ever seen." But then the trailer took a crazy turn and we were both shaking in our flip flops.  It's called Catfish, and it's shrouded in mystery.... take a look !

Thursday, September 2, 2010

KB.LuSH September Playlist!!

Okay, here it is our September playlist - a playlist designed for school starting, but the season not ending! Enjoy <3

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