Saturday, December 11, 2010

KB.LuSH December Playlist

It goes without much saying or surprise that our December playlist will be totally holiday centric. Some of you may be sick of or hate Christmas music (SCROOGE)....but I feel pretty confident in saying that this is going to be the best Christmas playlist your frostbitten ears have ever come across. Spike some eggnog, throw on a tacky sweater, sing the yuletides and be merry this Christmas!!! And peace on earth and all that jazzz.

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Maybe some of you have noticed that Target has been playing these awesome holiday commercials with awesome holiday songs. I've included a couple of those on this playlist and you can download all 14 for free here. I suggest that you do!

Let's Fa La La La La La La La La

Thursday, November 4, 2010

KB.LuSH November Playlist !

Oh my gosh so it's November. That means a few things.  It means I'm wayyyy behind on lining up an internship for graduate school. It means Thanksgiving (mmm). And it means it's starting to get cold as fuck. November is a month that is characterized as being sort of ~neutral~.  It conjures up images of warm yet drab colors like mustard, brown, and auburn. It also symbolizes the death of warmth and long hours of sunlight. Nonetheless, it sure can be pretty. Much like these songs - they aren't all uppity, energetic, and loud (some are tho!) but they sure are pretty. One way or another they all give me a very November feeling. Enjoy! xo

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.....and just because I think it's one of the hotttttest music videos ever made and it's included on this playlist,... BEY....

Sunday, October 31, 2010

26 Sexy Halloween Costumes That Shouldn't Exist

And just for good measure, here is some guy's rather funny and entertaining list of 26 Sexy Halloween Costumes That Shouldn't Exist.....

Halloween and geek conventions have one awesome thing in common: They give women an excuse to wear outfits that their own sense of modesty and dignity would otherwise never allow them to leave the house in.

Therefore, the costume industry struggles mightily to come up with a "sexy" version of every single costume ever made. The results cover the spectrum from laughable to terrifying.

#26 Sexy Guitar 

Wait, is she supposed to be a guitar? Or just a fan of guitars? A guitar advocate? In any case, the neck of the instrument is jammed through her skull, and it's going to take forever to get that thing back in tune

#25 Sexy Marionette
We know for a damn well fact that there is at least one porno out there with this theme. We also know for a fact that not a single non-serial killer has masturbated to it. 
This can also be said about ...
#24 Sexy Female Michael Jackson
Really stop and think about the target audience for this costume: heterosexual males who have sex fantasies about Michael Jackson. We're not saying those guys don't exist; we're saying that if you're a sexy young lady who goes home with one of them, next year he's going to be wearing your face as a mask for Halloween.
#23 Sexy Nemo 
We hope we're not out of line when we say that imagining yourself boning a fish -- or any character from a Disney/Pixar film, really -- means you're probably due for some counseling. Then again, this costume is less "Nemo" and more "Prostitute who murdered Nemo and is wearing his skin to entice johns."

#22 Sexy Chinese Takeout
Yes, that is a fortune cookie on her head. And, no, we don't know if she's supposed to be the actual Chinese takeout or if she's supposed to be delivering it. What we do know is that while it's not impossible, it's incredibly difficult to get a boner from racism.

#21 Sexy Big Bird
Nothing says sexy like Big Bird's shrunken, disembodied head casually eating the skull of a delusional 80s pop star who's checking her shoe for left over toilet paper. Honestly, how far down the list of common sex fantasies do you have to go before you find goddamned Big Bird --
-- Wait, what the fuck? There's more than one of these costumes out there? And both of them make it look like Big Bird is eating the woman's cranium? And they both use the same freaking pink platform shoes? This demands further investigation.
Oh, wait. No. It doesn't.

#20 Sexy Darth Vader
Our first thought upon seeing this was, "ASS!" But our second thought was that behind that mask is either a decaying Sith lord on life support or Hayden Christensen. Though we admit that the Star Wars prequels would be considered the best films of all time if the third ended with Palpatine saying, "Rise, Lord Vader," and out stepped that.

#19 Sexy Sentient House
That is a cat behind that crotch-level door. There has to be a pun there somewhere, but for the life of us, we can't figure out what it might be.

#18 Sexy Barbie Knockoff
We love how they had to stick the box on there so you'd know it's a Barbie (sorry, "Pretty Polly") costume. Otherwise it's just a lady in a one-piece and a bad wig. We hope you weren't planning on eating or drinking anything at your costume party, honey. Or moving your arms. Or breathing too much.
Though if she gets drunk and vomits inside there, you'll wind up with probably the best Halloween party photo of your life.

#17 Sexy Naked Woman
If you're going to have a body suit to make you look naked, you should probably get one that A) has some genitals and B) doesn't have huge wrinkles. Unless you're going as a genital-free humanoid, four months after gastric bypass surgery.

#16 Sexy Pimp
Well, hell, you put that outfit on a woman and it just looks stupid.

#15 Sexy Female Elvis
We even tried to force this one to be sexy by imagining her having sex with Priscilla. Seriously, don't do that.

#14 Sexy Ninja Turtle 
This is the laziest costume we've ever seen. Do you see the sad, tiny little turtle shell strapped to her back? The one that in no way corresponds to the shell pattern on her torso? And think about this: The Ninja Turtles didn't wear clothes. Look it up. Which means that her skirt is actually a part of her presumably grotesquely deformed turtle body.

#13 Sexy CSI Tech
Wait, no. This is the laziest costume. It's a damned blue jumpsuit with a "CSI" patch glued to it. And while we don't want to sound like a broken record, who is it that has sex fantasies about the team of people who collect your hair and semen to test for DNA? Once again: serial killers. We're telling you, half of the sexy costume industry is either run by or intended for that demographic.

#12 Sexy Gothic Woman 
Wait, no. This is the laziest one. We like to call it, "Regular Goth Dress While Grabbing Your Own Ass." We can't tell you the number of times we showed up to the Cracked Halloween party to find four other people dressed the same way. It's very hard to drink in this outfit, because when you remove your hands, the costume loses its meaning.

#11 Sexy Hermione Granger
Stay classy, costume industry! Here's a character who is between 11 and 17 years old, depending on which Harry Potter book you're fantasizing about. Though we like how the costume makers offset that by putting it on a 58-year-old model. Oh, wait. Maybe this costume isn't Hermione -- it's Hermione's mom, putting on her daughter's schoolgirl costume to spice things up in the bedroom, because she knows her husband has incest fantasies. See! Not creepy at all.
And while we're on the subject ...

#10 Sexy Small Child 
Just to be clear, if you go to a party, and a woman is dressed in this outfit, do not invite her back to your place. There are police in that van across the street, and they will follow you, shovels at the ready to unearth your terrible, terrible secrets. We understand there's a thin line between "sexy and innocent" and "pedophile bait," but seriously. Teddy bear. Though we suppose she could just be portraying a very girlish and naive adult. After all, it's not like the costume specifically says, "Sexy eight-year-old" ...

#9 Sexy Cindy Brady
This one does! Yes, that's a Cindy Brady costume. A character who was eight or nine years old when that outfit was in style on The Brady Bunch. Again, if you ever see this costume, look closely, because there's a tiny little FBI camera hidden in the wig.
OK, no more creepy pedophile stuff.

#8 Sexy Pebbles Flintstone
WHAT? GAH! Pebbles is an infant. Nobody in the history of humankind has ever had a fetish that involved Pebbles whose story didn't end with the sound of a gavel banging and the words, "... mercy on your soul."

#7 Sexy Pregnant Raggedy Ann
We considered just writing an entire article about all of the questions raised by this costume, portraying the classic children's toy that is somehow eight months pregnant with ... what? It'd have to be a demonic sentient toy fetus spawned by some kind of unholy voodoo ritual, we suppose. Maybe we'll stretch it out into a book.

#6 Sexy Football-Playing Whore
In case you didn't catch it, it's supposed to be sexy because it says "SEXY" on it. Notice the costume makes far more sense if you take away the little toy football and give her a stripper pole. Honestly, guys, you really can't grasp how demeaning a costume like this is for a woman, unless you were to, we don't know, see the equivalent on a guy or something.

#5 Sexy Male Nurse
Here we go! One of you guys out there, preferably one in your 40s and weighing in the 250-pound range, put this on and go trick-or-treating. Let's see how long you last before you see the red and blue lights behind you.
Wait, is that Dane Cook? Don't answer that. We're going to keep believing that's Dane Cook.

#4 Sexy Bull
Some commenter is going to point out that those bull horns are just sloppily photoshopped onto what is clearly a photo from a clothing catalog, but you can blame the costume makers for that, not us. If you pan down, you find no hooves or tail, just some nice slacks and dress shoes. The point being, this costume was so stupid they couldn't convince a model to put it on long enough to snap a photo.

#3 Sexy Poseidon
We're not sure how that picture made it in here. That actually is pretty sexy. Also we love how it's not possible to actually walk in it.

#2 Sexy Papa Smurf Knockoff
They couldn't get the license to use the name "Papa Smurf," so they called this one "Blue Daddy." We're not sure which one makes it creepier. Wait, why is there a Smurf in the background getting launched out of a catapult?

#1 Sexy Male Doll
Funny? Yeah, we can see that. But this cockless blow-up sex doll was listed under the "sexy" section, for whoever dreams of fucking the mouth of a dickless Mario. Also, we will utilize every method available, no matter how immoral or illegal, to never see the back of this costume.

By John Cheese

In Defense of Slutty Halloween Costumes

Why do people who normally defend a woman’s right to wear whatever she wants suddenly label her a bimbo when she opts for the naughty nurse costume on Halloween? 

Halloween is here, and it’s making monsters out of my favorite news publications and blogs.

Yes, it’s that time of year, when the journalistic ritual known as The Shaming of the Sexy Halloween Costume rears its smug head, chastising Raggedy Anns who dare show too much cleavage. All month, articles like Happy Slut-o-Ween, 2010 Edition and Sexy Costumes Get Even More Horrifying have been popping up left and right. This, even while there are more of us opting for sexy costumes than ever before, according to the National Retail Federation.

There’s also the usual crop of “Hide your daughters!” editorials , bemoaning the immodest options parents face when costume shopping for their little Emilys and Madisons. Never mind that the media seems to have no problem with the overwhelmingly violent crop of costume selections for young boys—everything from Freddy Krueger to machete-wielding convicts. Apparently teen pregnancy is still a threat but aggression in teenage boys has been handily resolved. 

I digress. We’re here to talk about adults. You know, the ones that are supposed to be above bullying and name-calling. Except that, for some reason, as soon as Halloween rolls around, even the most liberal, sex-positive, and pro-feminist among us seem to lose our progressive ideals. Why, when throughout the rest of the year we defend a woman’s right to dress any way she wants, are we so quick to apply the “bimbo” label to ladies in French maid’s uniforms on October 31?

"She’s only doing it because it’s Halloween," is a justification heard often. "She would never dress so slutty normally." Forgive me if I have my holidays mixed up, but isn’t that the whole point? How many of you wear a werewolf ensemble to meet your fiancĂ©e’s parents for Hanukkah? Second to pumpkin ale and candy hoarding, Halloween is about self-expression. Whether you want to get laughs, scare the neighbor kids, make a political statement, or display your fondness for the nursing profession while showing off your bodacious rack, all are valid options. When we start limiting what’s acceptable to wear on a day that’s essentially a bastardized mishmash of dozens of cultural and religious traditions, that’s when I call foul. I may not compliment you on your sexy NASCAR get-up, but I will defend with my last Snickers your right to wear one. 

Another complaint frequently lobbed at the store-bought sexy Halloween costume is that it’s so “uncreative.” But let’s be honest: This is true of all pre-packaged off-the-rack Halloween costumes. It doesn’t take a special kind of artistic genius to bypass the “Sexy Devil, Size Medium” get-up for the “Fried Egg, Size Medium” outfit instead. Even homemade costumes aren’t immune from this critique. I’ve read articles railing against the superabundance of zombies clogging every bar, party, and pub crawl. Before that, people were complaining about pirates being too ubiquitous as the hip costume du jour. I have nothing against the undead or the seafaring masses, but take it from the girl who was dismayed to find herself one of several brain-eating Girl Scouts at one All Hallow’s Eve shindig—your “original” idea jumped the shark several years ago. You’re going to need more than fake blood and bruise makeup if you want to talk trash about that girl in the painted-on witch outfit with avant-garde impunity.

I wonder whether it’s not about contempt for the costumes themselves, but the women who choose to wear them that’s driving this. While it’s uncool in most educated circles to point to a woman in a miniskirt and label her trashy, during the month of October that social more gets put on hold. Are we only masquerading as enlightened when it comes to women’s sexuality? Are we really on the same side as Christine O’Donnell and the organizers of Purity Balls? I hope not.

I hereby call for more “live and let live” and less candy-coated judgment. That vamped-up Little Bo Peep you’re sneering at is somebody’s best friend, wife, or chemistry teacher. Cut her some slack, chug some spiked cider, and enjoy one of the precious few holidays you’re not obligated to spend with relatives. 


Saturday, October 2, 2010

KB.LuSH October Playlist

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It's October and we all know there is only one day of October that matters and that's the last day, HALLOWEEN. This month our playlist is full of spooky centric songs with scary titles and eerie melodies.  Halloween is by far one of our favorite days of the year. Here is a pic of Steph and I last Halloween.

(props to Steph's mom for the awesome captioning)

My inflatable costume was a hit, albeit a little difficult to maneuver. Sadly, I can't say that it made it back home with me and shockingly I can say that I made it home. Blame it on the o-o-o-ostrich. 

This year I was planning on going as Taylor Momsen but I'm not 100% sold on it ("I used to think I was indecisive, but now I'm not so sure").  No word yet on what Stephanie is scheming but I'm sure it will be sensational. 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Prank your friends right in front of their face!

"Some of y'all might know this, and some of y'all don't (.. Make some noise / Now, now, now, let me clear my throat".......Yeah anyway- I'm not sure how old this is...but it's pretty fun.  Next time you want to prank a really good friend, visit

The instructions are EASY.  I just pranked Kim by inserting her house line phone number into what was supposed to be my number. Can you even imagine how creepy that would be late at night in the dark in a room by yourself?  Guess it worked because..... this was her wall post to me on facebook just now.

Kimberly Brady Iffff that was you who just pranked me you just caused me to run out of the house in a frenzy and set off the alarm

 Sorry Kim, you just got abbyed.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The MUST-PLAY GAME this season.

Get a group of friends, a glass of wine and your best Italian accent to play the game MAFIA.  Here are the instructions and rules: How to play MAFIA,

This game gets crazy and you begin to realize who's true and who's false.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday Eye Candy

So every Wednesday my partner Kim...(business not pleasure) is SUPPOSED to pick "hottie of the week" but I don't see any hotties for today...So I guess the choice is all mine and I choose...Jesse Eisenberg! He's definitely someone you've seen before (Adventureland, The Squid and the Whale) but you will be seeing/hearing a lot more of him due to the current buzz of "THE SOCIAL NETWORK"


We at KB.LuSH can absolutely not wait to see this movie!

Here is another movie that incorporates facebook that we are also DYING to see. We saw this trailer the other night when we went to see Easy A (incredible, get on it) and at first I (Kim) was like, "wow, this is the most obnoxious annoying shit I've ever seen." But then the trailer took a crazy turn and we were both shaking in our flip flops.  It's called Catfish, and it's shrouded in mystery.... take a look !

Thursday, September 2, 2010

KB.LuSH September Playlist!!

Okay, here it is our September playlist - a playlist designed for school starting, but the season not ending! Enjoy <3

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