Saturday, July 31, 2010


The most sacred of all weeks has befallen us, SHARK WEEK. This event is so big we even considered shutting down operations over at KB.LuSH. But money never sleeps and  business must go on. Therefore we will continue to handle operations with sounds of splashing, trashing and carnage as our soundtrack. 

And because I can only imagine the types of things we could do with a shark tooth expect a line of KB.LuSH embeLLushed shark tooth necklaces in Summer 2011.

Check out the Discovery Channels website for a schedule of shows, and may we recommend our favorite Air Jaws. Here is a picture of the Discovery Channel building at current time....

I want to say that I revere sharks. They are masterpieces of evolution. Sleek, powerful, terrifying, captivating, and badass. But these bastards (well including the many other creatures of the sea that I don't want anything to do with) keep me from enjoying any kind of oceanic pleasures. Once I was kayaking in crystal clear ocean water off the coast of Puerto Rico totally loving life until...dunnn nuh dunnn nuh dunn nuh dun nuh...I let that thought creep into my head of some rouge shark beast capsizing my little watercraft and devouring me alive for kicks (apologies if you were expecting to hear some kind of shark encounter story). Just the mere thought of it sent me into full blown panic attack mode and I began to sob and frantically row (are you rowing in a kayak or is it something else?) myself back to shore...le sigh. 

This is a little bit like how I envisioned it....

But if you take a look at this video I think you'll find my little episode to be totally justified....

Spine chilling. 

Oceans aren't the only places where I fear sharks. The Bull shark can go from surviving in salt water to surviving in fresh water like it's nothing. They've been reported in lakes, streams, and practically freaking puddles....if there is water - there MAY be a shark!

Some Fun Shark Facts

There are more than 350 different kinds of sharks.

Shark teeth have been used as weapons and tools for many centuries

Eating shark flesh is forbidden in both the Solomon and Fiji islands.

The fastest swimming sharks are the mako sharks and blue sharks, which can even leap out of the water. They are also probably the fastest fish. Estimates of their speed varies; some say that they can swim at about 60 mies per hours, while more conservative estimates are about 22 mph. There hasn't been enough observation of their speeds to have a definitive answer.

Shark fins are tasteless, and contain high levels of toxic methyl-mercury.

Shark fin soup is thought to be an aphrodisiac in some cultures, but it can actually cause infertility. 

Most sharks live for about 25 years, but some of them can live to be a hundred years old.

Shark's teeth are usually replaced every eight days, and some species of sharks shed about 30,000 teeth in their lifetime. 

As sharks never get cancer, their cartilage is being studied in the hope of developing anti-cancer drugs.

Studies show the importance of smell to sharks: up to two-thirds of its brains total weight is made up of olfactory lobes, which analyze smell.

This looker is called a Goblin Shark. JSYK. 

Stay out of the water. Happy Shark Week!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gentlemen Start Your Engines

We are incredibly proud to introduce our collection of men's necklaces which we've poetically named, "It's a Guy Thing". If you were a little boy in the 80's or 90's prepare to have a zero to sixty rush of nostalgia and lust come over you in less than 4 seconds or however long is takes you to finish reading this and click this link VROOOOM 

These neckLuSHes were designed especially with the guys in mind. They are comfortable, lightweight, and fucking awesome. And the ladies love them. Trust us, we're ladies. The necklaces are all one of a kind and feature vintage toy planes, trains, automobiles, and boats - oh my! For the little boy and stylish man in all of you. 

Again, these are one of a kind, collectible, vintage, and hot. Plus, you get to build your own and totally forgo that expensive mechanic or engineering degree - you've got a choice of hemp, cord, or chain necklace. Hemp or cord necklaces come with a distinguishing closure inspired by old white-wall tires, because a fine automobile is finely detailed. See you at the checkout line. 

Something for everyone whether you roll in a Beamer, Benz, or Bentley ~ or a Nissan, Honda Chevy

Eye Candy

Welcome to our first ever Wednesday Eye Candy post! Basically, the plan is every Wednesday we'll post some photos of a hot man and perhaps some fun little promos of various things he is involved in and where you can see more of him. Why? Because it's Wednesday dammit and your eyesight is a treasure and these guys can prove it to you. The first beautiful man we are bestowing this honor upon is...Casey Affleck! Yes, he is Ben's little brother, but we personally think he is way lusher. Show him some Afflecktion...

Here's a trailer for the most recent movie he made called "The Killer Inside Me" it looks very sexy in a horrible domestic violencey kind of way. Check it out. See you next Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Be Our BASIC BITCH of the Month & Featured in our Lookbook!

A special KB.LuSH opportunity and offer! We are offering the next 12 girls who purchase a basic bitch bracelet and e-mail us a digital photo of themselves wearing it will be featured on our upcoming lookbook / calender which will be sent out to hundreds of publications and boutiques!! Upon receiving your e-mailed photograph we will contact you with a form asking you to provide us with a little more information about yourself so that we can introduce you as our Basic Bitch of whichever of the months you are featured on.  You will also receive a free copy of the lookbook once published.  All photos must be received by August 7th 2010. Please allow for up to five days to ship your bracelet and plan time accordingly. We look forward to meeting you bitches.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dirt Recipe!

This is a fun, simple, albeit unhealthy dessert. We made some to enjoy over the fourth of July and we wanted to share it with you! It's creative too, which we love! There are many different fun ways to serve this dessert.

 It looks like dirt, but it tastes scrumptious with its rich, chocolaty flavor.
Use your imagination and have fun with this. Cut gummi worms in half and have them "crawling" out of the dirt, serve with a garden trowel, or bury some of the worms for little ones to find by digging with their spoons. This is a cake that's as entertaining as it is delicious!
1 large bag chocolate sandwich cookies (Oreos or similar)
1 (8 oz.) package cream cheese
1/2 stick butter or margarine
2 cups milk
2 large boxes of vanilla instant pudding
1 (8 oz.) container non-dairy whipped topping
8 inch flower pot
Artificial flower (for decoration)
1. Crush the cookies in a blender or food processor and set aside. You can also place them in a large zip-lock bag and use a rolling pin to crush them. 
2. Cream together the butter and cream cheese.
3. In large bowl, mix the vanilla pudding and milk. Add cream cheese mixture and the non-dairy whipped topping. Beat together until thoroughly mixed.
4. Line the flower pot with foil. In the flower pot, layer the cookie mixture, then the pudding mixture, then the cookie mixture, ending with the cookie mixture (to resemble dirt).
5. Add the flower to the top.

Bon Appetit! 

Saturday, July 3, 2010

July 2010 Playlist

The July 2010 playlist is here!! It's pretty effing fantastic if we do say so ourselves. We tried to keep the songs happy, uppity, and bubbly perfect for summer time.  Enjoy!

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"a chance lasts a finite time in the cool July nighttime, so take in all you can"

Friday, July 2, 2010


If you've visited our site - especially if you've visited it more than once - you may have already associated the title of this post with the song that plays on the homepage of our website;  Of course, we have reason to visit our site quite often so that little french measure has turned into nails on a chalkboard. Still, we really do love the song and love the artist, Skye Ferreira.  Here is the brand new video for her new single "One" We think she's great and reeks of lush. So will you! Enjoy...