Saturday, July 31, 2010


The most sacred of all weeks has befallen us, SHARK WEEK. This event is so big we even considered shutting down operations over at KB.LuSH. But money never sleeps and  business must go on. Therefore we will continue to handle operations with sounds of splashing, trashing and carnage as our soundtrack. 

And because I can only imagine the types of things we could do with a shark tooth expect a line of KB.LuSH embeLLushed shark tooth necklaces in Summer 2011.

Check out the Discovery Channels website for a schedule of shows, and may we recommend our favorite Air Jaws. Here is a picture of the Discovery Channel building at current time....

I want to say that I revere sharks. They are masterpieces of evolution. Sleek, powerful, terrifying, captivating, and badass. But these bastards (well including the many other creatures of the sea that I don't want anything to do with) keep me from enjoying any kind of oceanic pleasures. Once I was kayaking in crystal clear ocean water off the coast of Puerto Rico totally loving life until...dunnn nuh dunnn nuh dunn nuh dun nuh...I let that thought creep into my head of some rouge shark beast capsizing my little watercraft and devouring me alive for kicks (apologies if you were expecting to hear some kind of shark encounter story). Just the mere thought of it sent me into full blown panic attack mode and I began to sob and frantically row (are you rowing in a kayak or is it something else?) myself back to shore...le sigh. 

This is a little bit like how I envisioned it....

But if you take a look at this video I think you'll find my little episode to be totally justified....

Spine chilling. 

Oceans aren't the only places where I fear sharks. The Bull shark can go from surviving in salt water to surviving in fresh water like it's nothing. They've been reported in lakes, streams, and practically freaking puddles....if there is water - there MAY be a shark!

Some Fun Shark Facts

There are more than 350 different kinds of sharks.

Shark teeth have been used as weapons and tools for many centuries

Eating shark flesh is forbidden in both the Solomon and Fiji islands.

The fastest swimming sharks are the mako sharks and blue sharks, which can even leap out of the water. They are also probably the fastest fish. Estimates of their speed varies; some say that they can swim at about 60 mies per hours, while more conservative estimates are about 22 mph. There hasn't been enough observation of their speeds to have a definitive answer.

Shark fins are tasteless, and contain high levels of toxic methyl-mercury.

Shark fin soup is thought to be an aphrodisiac in some cultures, but it can actually cause infertility. 

Most sharks live for about 25 years, but some of them can live to be a hundred years old.

Shark's teeth are usually replaced every eight days, and some species of sharks shed about 30,000 teeth in their lifetime. 

As sharks never get cancer, their cartilage is being studied in the hope of developing anti-cancer drugs.

Studies show the importance of smell to sharks: up to two-thirds of its brains total weight is made up of olfactory lobes, which analyze smell.

This looker is called a Goblin Shark. JSYK. 

Stay out of the water. Happy Shark Week!

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