Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gentlemen Start Your Engines

We are incredibly proud to introduce our collection of men's necklaces which we've poetically named, "It's a Guy Thing". If you were a little boy in the 80's or 90's prepare to have a zero to sixty rush of nostalgia and lust come over you in less than 4 seconds or however long is takes you to finish reading this and click this link VROOOOM 

These neckLuSHes were designed especially with the guys in mind. They are comfortable, lightweight, and fucking awesome. And the ladies love them. Trust us, we're ladies. The necklaces are all one of a kind and feature vintage toy planes, trains, automobiles, and boats - oh my! For the little boy and stylish man in all of you. 

Again, these are one of a kind, collectible, vintage, and hot. Plus, you get to build your own and totally forgo that expensive mechanic or engineering degree - you've got a choice of hemp, cord, or chain necklace. Hemp or cord necklaces come with a distinguishing closure inspired by old white-wall tires, because a fine automobile is finely detailed. See you at the checkout line. 

Something for everyone whether you roll in a Beamer, Benz, or Bentley ~ or a Nissan, Honda Chevy

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