Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Human Variations: Largo

Three men. Three women. Drink. Dance. Desperate loneliness. The chapter continues. LARGO examines six seemingly disparate individuals on a night out. What begins as innocent banter over cocktails quickly transforms into fantasy and nightmare.

We at KB.LuSH recently got the very exciting opportunity to choose the wardrobe for a play and to style the characters! We had a fantastic time working with the actors and getting the opportunity to dress them (which we love to do - and of course we worked in some KB.LuSH accessories) But, we had an even better time watching some run throughs of the show and observing the cast and production members work their magic and hone their crafts.

The Human Variations - a dramatic symphony - is an extremely unique production put on by The Blueprint Theatre Project. Here is a brief description of the production as found on their website :

THE HUMAN VARIATIONS is a theatrical symphony in four parts (SCHERZOLARGO,ALLEGRORONDO) which examines those moments when human beings are right next to each other and still deeply alone. In THE HUMAN VARIATIONS’ four movements, characters collide and share intimacy and closeness, while their small, seemingly innocuous, everyday interactions become more and more exposed, shaping who they are and what they obsess about. THE HUMAN VARIATIONS employs a theatrical style all its own, “theality,” a new brand of theater that juxtaposes expressive movement with hyper-realistic, docu-theater techniques. With each movement, THE HUMAN VARIATIONS explores these feelings of aloneness, under this distinct style, in different site-specific locations.
The dramatic symphony began as reality theater, or simply: theality. Classified under the genus, “fusion theater,” theality is a species all its own. Like a mixed-media canvas, theality blends the deeply personal, psychological and emotional lives of real characters (similar to those on any network reality program) with theatrical moments of scripted subtext (a reality show’s voiceovers, confessionals or video diaries). In theality, dramatically speaking, the line between naturalism and expressionism is blurred, providing an extraordinary potential for catharsis.
The portion of this project that we got to style was part two; Largo. This play begins its run on April 14, 2011 and is being put on at CV Lounge (105 Rivington Street New York, NY) which some of you may know as the former site of our KB.LuSH launch party!! Since we had the privilege to watch some dress rehearsals of the show we can say with confidence that it's a production you don't want to miss! The show is incredibly sexy, thought provoking, and just bursting with eye candy!! We encourage anyone who enjoys live theatre to come check it out. We will be there opening night! Anyone interested in the show can purchase tickets here - then stick around and party at one of our favorite lounges in the city!
Also - amongst all the other awesomeness going on with the show one thing that reallllly stuck out was this fantastic original music played throughout the production. I sat there trying to Sound Hound these songs during dress rehearsal to no avail and finally I had to ask someone who was responsible for this beautiful music. Turns out it's original music by a new artist named Alex Winston who is a personal friend of the playwright; David Alex Andrejko. The FIRST thing I did when I got home today was go on iTunes and buy her EP (you should too). I swear this music is sooo damn pretty I just don't know what to do with myself. Here's a taste...enjoy!!!

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