Thursday, November 4, 2010

KB.LuSH November Playlist !

Oh my gosh so it's November. That means a few things.  It means I'm wayyyy behind on lining up an internship for graduate school. It means Thanksgiving (mmm). And it means it's starting to get cold as fuck. November is a month that is characterized as being sort of ~neutral~.  It conjures up images of warm yet drab colors like mustard, brown, and auburn. It also symbolizes the death of warmth and long hours of sunlight. Nonetheless, it sure can be pretty. Much like these songs - they aren't all uppity, energetic, and loud (some are tho!) but they sure are pretty. One way or another they all give me a very November feeling. Enjoy! xo

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.....and just because I think it's one of the hotttttest music videos ever made and it's included on this playlist,... BEY....

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